Learning a language can improve mental agility


A study recently published in the journal Cognition, by Thomas Bak, Mariana Vega-Mendoza, and Antonella Sorace, demonstrated that learning a second language could improve a person’s mental agility, at any age. The study involved 200 students where the researchers assessed their mental alertness, such as the production of different words and concentration on certain sounds. There was a comparison made between first year students, who had just started to learn a language, and fourth year students, who were more proficient in the language. The results from the study demonstrated that students who learned a second language were better at switching their attention to filter information. The researchers believe that the study confirms the cognitive benefits of learning and language learning.

Original Article: http://www.todaytopics.com/learning-languages-improves-mental-agility-at-any-age-study-suggests/33432/

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