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Bilingualism Research Today is the official blog of the Bilingualism Research Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Lab opened in the summer of 2008 following UIC’s first Afternoon of Code-Switching and almost 10 years later we are still as motivated as the first day.

The Bilingualism Research Laboratory focuses on the underlying linguistic mechanisms of bilingual phenomena such as code-switching, blending and borrowing, as well as specific issues that arise in the grammars of heritage speakers and in acquisition.WhatsApp Image 2018-03-13 at 13.51.59

We invite you to visit our web page at https://lcsl.uic.edu/hispanic-italian/research-groups/bilingualism-research-laboratory



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  1. pgiovanna

    very interesting your blog, is there a possibility to register to a newsletter? I’m from Luxembourg and I’m myself involved in indipendent studies on bilingualism and I have a blog in Italian and English http://www.italobimbi.it.

    Thanks in advance for your reply and for your work on the subject



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