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Is your child growing up in a bilingual family?

If so, we have good news for you. First, everything will be alright; Second, we have lots of expert guidance on this matter. For instance, consider the following recent book by Jürgen Meisel:
Bilingual children: A guide for parents.

Jürgen Meisel is a distinguished scholar in the field of bilingualism with an extensive scholarly work on child bilingualism in Germany and Canada. He also has an additional commitment to making his expertise available to parents who are considering raising their children bilingual. After many years of running a web counseling service, writing for the general press and lecturing on the topic, this book distills his knowledge and long experience. Moreover, since Professor Meisel introduces some of the science that underlies our current understanding of bilingualism, this book should be interesting to anyone curious about what bilingualism is. Here are some of the questions that he addresses:

  • Is it possible for a child to acquire two languages simultaneously?
  • Will the child mix the languages and end up not speaking either language well?
  • Will it be alright if the child is exposed to three or more languages?

The answer to all these questions is yes – no – yes. It is reassuring – and empirically grounded.

Image by Markus Koljonen

Linguistic Link: Bilingual Children Have Better Memories

The British Psychology Society points us to yet another study about the positives of being bilingual. Read here  to find out more about research done at the Univeristy of Granada and the University of York in Canada, which presented on the benefits of raising children to be bilingual, specifically how it can boost one’s memory.