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UIC TiL: Xuehua Xiang

Tomorrow, October 30th, we’re having another UIC Talk in Linguistics.  This week we have the privilege of presenting another of UIC’s own linguistics, Xuehua Xiang.  The talk, entitled “Linguistic Representation of ‘Self’ and Narrative Co-Construction: A Comparative Discourse Analysis of Celebrity Interviews in American English and Mandarin Chinese” will take place in 1750 University Hall from 3 to 5, with light refreshments provided.


Drawing on 600-minutes of TV/radio interviews featuring celebrity guests, broadcast in Mandarin Chinese in China and American English in the U.S., respectively, this paper is a comparative discourse analysis of the interview as a form of narrative co-construction, as situated within the two cultures.

A preliminary analysis of six Mandarin interviews and six English interviews suggests that English speakers assume a parallel “you” vs.”I” dynamic in co-constructing the interviewee’s personal narrative; English interviewers tend to propel the narrative through mechanisms of A-Event and B-Event (Labov, 1972), i.e., the interviewer shares personal experience and/or reveals personal knowledge about the interviewee, which in effect elicits the interviewee’s autobiographical account. In contrast, the Mandarin interviews manifest a triangular structure whereby the interviewer assumes a mediating role between public consciousness and the
interviewee (cf. Xiang, 2003), i.e., the interviewer highlights the general public’s knowledge gaps, and frames the interviewee’s upcoming narration as being different from, and corrective of, public knowledge. Particularly, both the interviewer and interviewee in the Chinese data highlight the conflict between the interviewee as a social individual (e.g. wo ‘I’, ni ‘you’) and the interviewee as “private” self (e.g. wo/ni ziji “I myself” “you yourself”‘). This duality in the linguistic construction of “self” is not obvious in the English data. Continue reading

BAEC December 11 & 12

On the 11th and 12th of December the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong will be hosting the Conference on Bilingual Acquisition in Early Childhood.  This conference on childhood bilingualism is organized by the newly established Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong & Co-sponsored by the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong.


Of particular interest at the BAEC is a workshop on Sign Bilingualism in the Asia-Pacific Region.  The workshop itinerary can be viewed at http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/lin/conference/baec/signlang.html

UIC TiL: Patrick Wong

On December 1st Patrick Wong from Northwestern University will give a talk at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  His talk is entitled “Effects of Long- and Short-Term Auditory Experiences on the Auditory Pathway: Speech, Voice, and Music”.

The talk will take place at 2pm in 1700 University Hall, 601 South Morgan Street in Chicago.