Being bilingual alters your brain. Here’s how

New benefits for bilinguals! A new study reveals that being bilingual can affect your brain by changing its structure. According to Judith F. Kroll,  bilinguals’ ability to retain two languages and to alternate between them has an effect on the reshaping of the brain’s network.

In a recent study, they analyzed 60 monolingual and 60 bilingual infants whose ages ranged between four-month old, eight-month old, and one-year old babies. They noticed that when someone was speaking, infants exposed to Spanish and Catalan looked at speaker’s mouth instead of their eyes. Infants that were only exposed to Spanish, on the other hand, looked at the mouth of speakers only when they were talking their native tongue.This study suggests that being bilingual improves their cognitive abilities because “babies who are listening to two languages [growing up] become attuned to those two languages right away. It’s not confusing them or messing them up developmentally—the opposite is true”.

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