Linguistic Link: Spanish… A Sexist Language?

Are Spanish speakers guilty of women’s rights discrimination…?

Recently, some feminist-minded Spanish regional authorities have challenged the “sexist” grammar of Spanish. Ignacio Bosques, a member of the Real Academia Española has written an article which criticizes and dismisses the language guidelines offered by the regional authorities and several institutions. The Real Academia Española (Spanish Royal Academy, RAE) has been a protector of the purity of Spanish since 1713. Some of the accusations of Spanish being sexist are the following:

“Spanish words are either of the masculine or feminine gender. A male citizen, for instance, is a “ciudadano” while a female citizen is a “ciudadana.” A group comprising only female citizens would be called “ciudadanas.”

But if the group includes even a single male, the plural becomes the masculine “ciudadanos.”

“Parents” translates as “padres” (fathers), a human being is “hombre” (man), and so on.”

Have gender and the Spanish language conspired against women’s rights?

Here is the article on the issue, read on and find out what type of changes are being pitched by feminist-minded institutions.

If you are intrigued, check out the full article written by Ignacio Bosques.


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