Spring UIC TiL Schedule

The spring schedule for UICTiL has been posted on the website (see the link to the left on this page).  It is also reproduced here.

Stay tuned for reminders for upcoming talks!

February 20 Jason Merchant (U of C) TBA  
March 6 (2 – 3 PM) Kara Morgan-Short and Mandy Faretta (UIC) TBA  
March 13 Shahrzad Mahootian (North Eastern Illinois) TBA  
March 20 Karlos Arregi (U of C) TBA  
April 3 (2 – 3 PM) Fernando Ramallo (Universidade de Vigo) TBA  
April 10 Dennis Ott (Harvard) TBA  
April 24 Kleanthes Grohmann (University of Cyprus)

1 thought on “Spring UIC TiL Schedule

  1. Jitu

    I agree with Aj ~ I’m enjoying the blherspogoe and am seeing a meteoric rise in the home-town newspaper. We lost three big ones over the summer, and at least six grassroots enterprises sprang up in their place. The big ones are making a comeback, but I’ll be very surprised if they replace the small ones that have very quickly developed loyal readerships. The smaller, home-town papers list tons of local news, community events, school sports and convey to their readers a very strong sense of this is all about US. Granted, that’s twice the paper consumption, in one sense, but these papers are placed and voluntarily picked up by consumers ~ they are not mass-mailed to households which won’t even open them, nor do they contain the magazine-style inserts that the bigger papers did.


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