Praat Workshop by Erin O’Rourke

The University of Pittsburgh’s Erin O’Rourke will be giving a workshop on Praat on December 2nd at 10am in the Bilingualism Research Lab (1700 University Hall, 601 S. Morgan St., Chicago).  If you are unfamiliar with Praat, on its website Sidney Wood describes it in the following manner:

  • Praat is a program for speech analysis and synthesis written by Paul Boersma och David Weenink at the Department of Phonetics of the University of Amsterdam (links on the Contents page). The program is constantly being improved and a new build is published almost every week. Version 4.2 was published in March 2004 and the last build was 4.2.34. Version 4.3 was introduced in February 2005 and the current builds (22 February 2005) are 4.3.00 for Solaris, 4.3.01 for Linux and 4.3.02 for Windows and Macintosh.
  • All are welcome to participate in the workshop and are encouraged to download Pratt on their laptop beforehand.

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